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Gulf of Morbihan

  • Le Golfe du Morbihan

Small inland sea closed by the Rhuys peninsula and dotted with a hundred islets, the Gulf of Morbihan is certainly one of the most beautiful sites in Brittany.

According to a legend, there are as many islands as there are days in the year! Each one has its own particularity and it is for their exceptional landscape that we like to stop there.

Île aux Moines is the largest and most wooded of the Gulf Islands. Called the “pearl of the Gulf”, Ile aux Moines will charm you for sure with its charming white fishermen’s houses, its high mansions of captains in beautiful stones, its small hills covered with heather, its Bois d’Amour, its beautiful and long beach…

From Conleau, embark for the island of Arz, the island of the Captains. Calm and green, the island invites you to enjoy the sweetness of life.

Vast expanse of sea water, the Gulf of Morbihan is an exceptional site for navigation. Sailing enthusiasts will be able to sail among the many islands and islets.

On foot, by bike, by boat or from the sky, one of the most beautiful bays in the world reveals itself to you and will never cease to surprise you with its changing and unusual landscapes, which vary according to the tide and the whims of the weather.